Youth Scholarships

Weehawken Creative Arts is pleased to offer scholarships for classes and workshops to deserving people interested in taking advantage of the cultural and fine arts events offered. The scholarship fund is funded by generous donations, which vary each season. For this reason, the fund fluctuates from semester to semester. Each Semester has strict scholarship deadlines, please check for applicable restrictions. All deadlines must be strictly adhered to!   THE DEADLINE FOR THE SUMMER SESSION IS 5 PM ON May 24, 2019.

Applicants must also disclose if they are currently enrolled or plan to enroll in classes with another program (for example: Ah Haa, Telluride dance, Montrose Rec Center, etc.) during the same semester in which they plan to attend Weehawken classes on any sort of scholarship or financial assistance. Failure to disclose can and likely will impact scholarship awards in the future. Thank you.

Please note if you intend to apply for a scholarship, please DO NOT enroll in the class until after receiving notification of a scholarship decision. Please note: Scholarships are not available for the aerial silks program in any location. Upon recepit of application, we will hold a space in requested class pending our decision.

We thank the Montrose Rotary Club for granting scholarship dollars towards enabling children to be active!  Due to this generous donation, we are able to grant more scholarships for Montrose students than ever before!  Thank you Rotary!

There are two types of scholarships available

  1. Apply for a needs based scholarship Needs-Based Scholarship Application- This scholarship allows for a request of up to 100% of the cost of the class, with a limit of one dance class per semester or 2 regular arts classes over the course of a year. This scholarship application requests the completion of 2 essay questions as well as a listing of two references that would/could verify your “need” with Weehawken. For each “Needs-Based Scholarship” awarded, Weehawken expects the student/family to sign-on for 8 or more hours of volunteer labor in exchange. Failure to complete volunteer hours will result in expulsion from the scholarship program in the future.

  2. Nominate another for a scholarship Nominated Needs-Based Scholarship- In this instance, an authority figure or adult (such as a teacher, school nurse, employer, counselor, pastor, etc) can nominate a deserving and needy student for up to a 100% scholarship for a particular class each semester. For each student nominated, there is a limit of one dance class per semester and/or one arts class per semester. This application requires the completion of 2 essay questions and contact information for at least one other person that could/would confirm the student’s need. Volunteer hours with this scholarship are negotiable, depending on the nominated student’s particular situation.

We do expect the following of ALL scholarship students

80% attendance at the class. Meaning, if more than two classes are missed (without good excused cause) it will mean that the student becomes ineligible for a scholarship in the future. 8 hours of volunteer help contributed for each scholarship granted. Model student behavior - students on scholarship should act as leaders in their class. It is an honor to have a scholarship.

Please be aware

  • Scholarship families are not eligible to purchase reserved (front row – more expensive) tickets to the show. Students must also let us know of other extra-curricular activities they are currently involved in this semester at the time of application. (For example: participation in dance at another studio in the area, ski lessons, basketball, etc).  
  • It is especially important for students who are granted Weehwaken Dance Scholarships be loyal to, and supportive of our program.  Therefore, scholarship recipients and work-trade students are not permitted to participate in other dance programs without the prior approval of the Artistic Director for Dance.
  • Scholarships are not available for the aerial silks program at any location.

610 Arts Collective

610 Clinton Street, Ridgway CO 81432

The Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton Street, Ridgway CO 81432

Montrose Field House

25 Colorado Avenue, Montrose CO 81401

Weehawken Ridgway

1075 Sherman Street, Ridgway CO 81432

It’s important to know that some classes may be held in other locations that may not be listed above. Locations will be specified accordingly in class descriptions.

Our staff is  located at 610 Arts Collective.

Mailing address

PO Box 734, Ridgway CO 81432
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