Wire Sculpture with Gary Chaffin

August 6-8 at Weehawken Ridgway

Join wire sculpting artist Gary Chaffin for a multi day experience in the world of wire art!

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This class runs 3 days and will incorporate 5 different projects, classes will run 9:00 am to 5:30 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday with 30 minute lunch break, and Thursday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

There will be an introduction to the tools and materials used in the class including safety considerations. In all sessions I will circulate and assist students as needed. If student is having difficulty, I will create wire outline for student to work on.Each student will leave with a finished piece.

Session 1. Project 1. Theme: What is your favorite animal?

Session 2. Project 2. The portrait, Making people and faces, self portraits?

Session 3. Project 3. Making a mobile.

Session 4. Project 4. Class group project.After class discussion on choice of class theme. Teacher will construct wire outline for students.Students will use creativity and wire to add to the project filling in the shape with designs, words, etc.Project will be property of the art center.

Session 5. Continue and complete class group and individual projects.

The instructor provides all materials and tools and protective eyewear. Open to ages 8 to adult.

About Gary: While attending college I discovered my ability to sketch with wire. I first drew curves in wire to make earrings for friends. Soon they got too big for ears! Then I created larger shapes . . . elephants, trains and a mobile above my daughter's crib. I was captivated by how the wire worked with negative space and kept experimenting, developing and refining my techniques. Each of my 3D designs are spontaneous impressions. I begin with a loosely visualized image. As I develop the idea in wire the finished representation takes on its own personality. There are no patterns, jigs or drawings beforehand. Each complex sculpture is created totally freehand, sometimes from a continuous wire. My only tools are pliers and cutters. The wire hardens at the bends without using any heat. I demonstrate, interact and brainstorm with the public in juried art shows in my kid friendly booth. My unconventional art in wire appeals to all ages. Inspiration comes when they ask "Can you make ??? The excitement of people, when encouraged to collaborate with an artist to create a custom order or to watch how I "fool around with wire", adds diversity and entertainment to any festival. Tying in wire bending workshops for children or adults around an event hopefully will stimulate creativity and exploration in the arts and perhaps other facets of life. Even though my artworks have consumed over 100 miles of wire and sometimes I think I've done it all, I still get new ideas that just beg to be tried.

Classroom Locations

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610 Arts Collective

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610 Clinton Street
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The Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton Street
Ridgway, CO 81432

Wright Opera House

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Montrose Field House

25 Colorado Ave. 
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Weehawken Ridgway

1075 Sherman St
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