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Volunteer with Weehawken

Since Weehawken has only 1.5 administrative staff people, volunteer help is essential to our growth. Tell us how you’d like to help! Do you want to help clean and organize? Do you want to assist with classes? Can you sew costumes? Do you like to make set-pieces? Do you want to help supervise the behind the scenes action during a production? Can you take tickets? Can you hang posters in Ouray or Ridgway? Do you want a weekly job? Do you want a periodic job? Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll figure-out a role for you in our volunteer line-up. Email Ashley and tell her what you’d like to help with at this link or visit our permalink for upcoming event-based volunteer opportunities

Classroom Locations

* It’s important to know that some classes may be held in other locations that may not be listed below. Locations will be specified accordingly in class descriptions.

610 Arts Collective

Primary staff office
610 Clinton Street
Ridgway, CO 81432
(970) 318-0150

The Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton Street
Ridgway, CO 81432

Wright Opera House

472 Main Street
Ouray, CO 81427

Montrose Field House

25 Colorado Ave. 
Montrose, CO 81401

Weehawken Ridgway

1075 Sherman St
Ridgway, CO 81432
(970) 318-0150