Aerial Silks At Black Canyon Gymnastics

Weehawken is excited to partner with Black Canyon Gymnastics to Offer Aerial Silks Class in Montrose.

These classes are limited to 6 students per class, with 2 classes a week available.

The fall silks classes will run in 2 consecutive 6 week sessions. Each session is $150. Please note, Aerial Silks enrollment comes with a NO REFUND and NO MAKE UP class requirement due to the equipment required.  Once a student is enrolled they are responsible for the full tuition for that session, regardless of any other circumstances.

These classes are open to ages 10 and up. We have a strict dress code and behavior policy for aerial silks:

  • Aerial and Circus Dance (silks, Lyra, Trapeze, etc.) All Dancers in aerial must comply with the dress code. This is to prevent injury such a burns, to keep dancers safe and secure, and to protect the equpiment. Dancers will often be upside down, and must dress accordingly. Ladies must wear a sports bra or leotard with a secure shelf bra. Leggings or tight fitting pants or tights that cover the back of the knee. Absolutely no zippers or jewelry, they can catch on the fabric and damage the equipment. No bare legs or stomachs. Dance tights with shorts is acceptable. Tops that cover the armpits are preferred. Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in securely. Keep a long sleeve shirt in your bag to wear for ticks that involve the silk being wrapped over arms. Hair must be pulled up and out of the face. Bring an extra hair tie to pull hair into a bun as needed.

    Posting to Social Media for fun: If you would like to take a video and post it to social media, please check with the teacher ahead of time for approval, and please tag Weehawken Dance in the video. 

    Aerial Dance Behavior Code

    In order to keep your child safe during aerial, please discuss with them the following before their first class. Failure to follow the aerial behavior code will result in your child being expelled from the aerial program.

    1.     Safety First

    2.     Follow the dress code

    3.     Teacher knows best: Always follow the teachers directions 

    4.     Always learn tricks low first, go high after the teacher approves it

    5.     Never perform a trick without being over a mat

    6.      Follow your trick “check list”

    7.     Rough Hosing, climbing too high without approval, practicing trick you aren’t ready for, and student disrespect will not be tolerated in this class. 

610 Arts Collective

610 Clinton Street, Ridgway CO 81432

The Sherbino Theater

604 Clinton Street, Ridgway CO 81432

Montrose Field House

25 Colorado Avenue, Montrose CO 81401

Weehawken Ridgway

1075 Sherman Street, Ridgway CO 81432

It’s important to know that some classes may be held in other locations that may not be listed above. Locations will be specified accordingly in class descriptions.

Our staff is  located at 610 Arts Collective.

Mailing address

PO Box 734, Ridgway CO 81432
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