Claudia Brauer

Programming Coordinator, Weehawken Arts and Enrichment Programs

Claudia Brauer

Claudia grew up in Germany where she pursued her interest in the arts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy and Special Education. Over the last 15+ years she has designed and taught various art programs in preschools, kindergartens, schools, and non-profit organizations in both Germany and the USA. Claudia was lead art teacher at the Children’s Museum in Crested Butte, CO from 2015-2018, before moving to Ridgway and joining Weehawken Creative Arts in 2019 where she continues to offer children’s art programs.

Since 2023 Claudia serves as program coordinator for Weehawken Creative Arts, and is committed to bringing diverse art classes and workshops to the community, as well as fostering collaboration and dialogue within the existing art community to further enrich Ridgway’s vibrant and inclusive arts ecosystem.

When she isn’t sharing her passion for the arts with students or planning new art classes, Claudia can be found in nature, painting, traveling and adventuring through the mountains with her husband Jack.

Claudia coordinates all programs that don’t fall under the categories of dance, aerial, theatre and storytelling. If you are interested in teaching a workshop or class for Weehawken, please reach out to her at