Featuring middle and high school students from Ouray County, Weehawken would like to introduce…


FRIDAY – SUNDAY, November 16 – 18 at the Ouray School


Come out and support our young actors in Ouray County!  Under the direction of Colin Sullivan, this show is a collaboration with the schools and features a cast of middle & high school actors from both Ouray and Ridgway. “Dracula” is based on Bram Stoker’s dark tale, this faithful, fast-moving adaptation tells the story of Dracula’s ultimate demise. The play begins with the arrival of Jonathon Harker at the home of Count Dracula in Transylvania. Unaware of Dracula’s evil and bloody lifestyle, Harker sets forth the sale of an estate in London to Dracula, and opens the door to Dracula’s reign of terror in Harker’s homeland. As Dracula moves on to his new estate, he leaves Harker behind as a meal for the horrible creatures that dwell at his Transylvanian home. Tickets on sale NOW HERE! 

This tuition-free theater experience was made possible with assistance from the Ouray County Community Fund, The Ouray School and the Frank L. Massard Trust. Don’t miss it! 

Thursday, Nov 16th at 7 pm
Friday, Nov 17th at 7 pm
Saturday, Nov 18th at 7 pm
Doors open 30 minutes prior for each show.

For more information, email