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As S.A. Sachs wrote, “Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams.” Now more than ever, aren’t we all ready for that phoenix to rise? The Weehawken and Sherbino teams sure are! Over the past 365 days, our tiny shared staff team has become skilled in the art of the “pivot,” and has been dreaming-up and creating a menu of plans for 2021 that are sure to delight. We think you will be so excited to see the incredible lineup of programs we have brewing for you this year - including brand new community-wide events that are soon to be unveiled publicly (but as a supporter, you get the first peek)!

As you are aware, Weehawken and RCS/Sherbino are two separate organizations with two separate missions, budgets and boards. You likely also have come to learn that what’s unique about the two organizations is that they work collaboratively and cooperatively to achieve several objectives under their unique missions. This commitment to collaboration has resulted in a shared administrative and programming staff, a shared community gallery space, and now, two shared special community events.

Even in these trying times:
Weehawken was able to program 331 classes in 2020, serving 1,584 students.
RCS/Sherbino was able to put our brand new courtyard space to work in 2020 as well as implement a plan for outdoor theater. Though the year had less months to offer programs, we were still able to run 216 programs for the public to enjoy.
Both organizations were able to accept the limits of our situations, work within the rules, and get to work with plans for a great 2021.

It would mean so much if you would consider investing in our vision and plans for the coming year. We believe that our team has put something together will be meaningful to you and our community as well. Would you consider making a designated gift to underwrite a specific project or program? Every dollar of your gift would go directly towards your choice of our top programming priorities for the year:

Sponsor the Fete de la Musique

June 20th is summer solstice, which happens to coincide with World Music Day (the 21st). On Music Day the citizens of a community are allowed and urged to play and enjoy music outside in their neighborhoods or in public spaces and parks. Our plan is for MANY musicians from all genres and levels to participate in this event. The event will be FREE to the public and will take place distanced and outdoors, with multiple performances happening at once all over town. The public will be encouraged to bring cash to tip the artists and artists will also be given an honorarium.

We’d love your support in helping underwrite honorariums for performers, or helping with some of the marketing and production costs to develop and promote this new event. Details on how you can contribute can be found on the enclosed donation form, but we are requesting support starting at $175.

Sponsor the Ridgway 1K Rally Thru the Alley

We will be launching the Ridgway 1k and the 0K to the public in May, but will be pushing the live event to October 9th this year. The changes to the event in 2021 include: An added option for a 5k “warm up lap”; the Sherbino’s Firkin Fest West event will take place on the same day in the later afternoon and registrants can combine their registration with this event, if they wish; and because we are putting two events on the same day, the race will end in Hartwell Park with a bigger, better live music event!

We would LOVE to gather support to help with the cost of the 1k Break stations (think: stops with 300 pieces of cooked bacon or 300 donuts, etc), marketing and production costs, or helping to underwrite the post-event live music. Details on how you can contribute can be found on the enclosed donation form, but we are requesting support starting at $250.

Support Public Art Projects

Expansion of an already-commissioned work by Ridgway artist, Tammi Brazee to be expanded and mounted to the outside of a building in downtown Ridgway.

The piece is a spectacular piece that captures the essence of our community, RCS and Weehawken. A look at the original work can be seen digitally at top of page and in person at The 610 Arts Collective.

We have a fundraising goal of $2,500

Sponsor the Annex on Cora

We are excited to have secured an annex space, starting in June 2021. We have some renovations and upgrades to make on that space including new flooring, the removal of a wall, some painting and some exterior re-grading in order to create a small outdoor performance and classroom space.

We have a fundraising goal of $5,000

And Weehawken Creative Arts is seeking sponsors and underwriters for:
  • The Youth Scholarship Fund ($20,000 goal)

Cultural Event Marketing for:

  • The Ridgway Rendezvous Arts and Crafts Festival ($250+)
  • The Sneffels Fiber Arts Festival 2021 ($250+)
  • Dance Costumes 2021 (Project Goal: $10,000)
  • Additional Youth Theater Microphones & Portable Speaker (Project Goal: $5,500)

Email trisha@weehawkenarts.org for more info!