SUMMER Aerial and Circus Classes

What are the Aerial Arts?

Aerial arts is art created with one’s body through movement or dance while using an aerial apparatus giving the illusion of flight or weightlessness. Aerials is a great core-based full body calisthenics workout.

Aerial arts is for every one, every shape, every body. Join us at Weehawken Creative Arts to take advantage of our aerial instruction- offering classes in Ridgway, Montrose and Ouray for ages 6 to adult!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced aerialist looking for a space to “hang,” you can find it all at Weehawken!

Silks – Aerial silks (also known as aerial contortion, aerial ribbons, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissu, depending on personal preference) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric.

Lyra – A lyra hoop is a circular steel ring similar to a hula hoop that’s suspended in the air by a cable or any lengthy cord attached to the ceiling. The lyra hoop is also known as aerial ring, aerial hoop, or cerceaux.

Sling – (Also called aerial yoga) is a type of airborne fitness that is practiced in a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to support you.

Circus – Youth classes with a focus on intro to aerial mixed apparatus as well as contortion through active flexibility exercises. A safe and fun intro to aerial and acrobatic dance for youth- and a great stepping stone to our tween/teen silks and lyra classes!

Aerial Conditioning (Active Flexibility) – A great compliment to aerial arts and highly recommneded for those new to the arts or those wanting to transition into performing. ather than focus on passive stretches, this class will encourage students to build the strength necessary to hold and move through an active range of flexibility. We will focus on building strength and joint stability in our movement. Active flexibility will help increase your dynamic flexibility with movements that support the muscles necessary for maximum range of motion.

Summer Schedule Begins May 30

Beginning in summer, all classes will run by the month and be priced according to how many class days within the month. During the standard fall/spring schedule, youth and performing classes will run on the same calendar as the Weehawken Dance program. Adult level classes will run monthly

Registration will open April 18- no aerial classes the week of June 12-16 or July 3-7

Mondays in Ouray – session 2

Hypoxia Gym in Ouray

5:00-6:15 July Teen 14+ Aerial Silks in Ouray, mixed levels

6:15-7:30 July Adult Aerial Silks in Ouray, mixed levels

Tuesdays in Montrose – session 2

Montrose Flex Rec

4:45-5:45pm July Aerial Silks Level 1 for ages 10+ at Flex Rec

5:45-6:45pm July Adult Aerial Silks Level 2 in Montrose

Black Canyon Gymnastics

7:15-8:30 July Teen Aerial Dance in Montrose on Tuesdays – @ Black Canyon Gymnastics

Wednesdays in Ridgway – session 2

Ridgway Old School House

5:00-6:00 July Aerial Silks Level 1 for ages 10+ in Ridgway

6:00-7:15 July Adult Aerial Silks Level 1/2 in Ridgway

7:15-8:15 July Teen/Adult Aerial Lyra in Ridgway

Wednesdays in Montrose – session 2

Montrose Flex Rec

12:30-1:30 July Adult Aerial Silks Level 1 in Montrose

Thursdays in Montrose – session 2

Montrose Flex Rec

3:45-4:45 July Level 1/2 Aerial Lyra for ages 12+ at Flex Rec

5:00-6:00 July Aerial Yoga with Marisa

6:15-7:15 July Adult Intro to Aerial Apparatus with Marisa

7:15-8:15 July Active Flexibility and Aerial Conditioning with Marisa