Weehawken Dance: The program where education and technique meets artistry to support the WHOLE dancer.

  • Safely Reopening during COVID
  • Our Mission: The Mission of Weehawken Creative Arts is to provide high-quality arts education and personal growth programs while playing a leadership role in the arts within our communities year round. Click HERE to read more about:
    • Our Organization
    • Our Student Placement Practices and Curriculum
    • Our Philosophies About Dance as a Performing Art
    • Auditions for Lead Roles
    • Attendance Policies
    • Photo/Video Posting Policies
    • Studio Etiquette for Dancers
    • Studio Etiquette for Parents/Guardians
    • Dress Code Policies
    • Pointe Student Information and Policies

Want to see it in action?

Check out some of these videos
and see why Weehawken Dance is
such a special and unique program.

2016 ballet at

“The Polar Express” 2013 Performance Clips

“The Golden Ticket” 2015 Performance Clips