Summer Dance Session

Summer Dance 2021 will run for 6 weeks, June 14-July 30, with the week following July 4th off from classes. Classes will run Monday-Friday in Ridgway & Montrose.
Schedule will be available mid-March, and registration will be open then as well.

Who is required to take summer dance classes?

Pointe students are required to participate in summer dance classes. Students starting Pointe classes in the 2020/2021 calendar year are required to participate in summer dance classes. We require a minimum of 6 hours of ballet for any dancers on pointe or going on pointe.

PLEASE NOTE- We do not allow drop-ins for classes, students must register for the full 6 week session. Make-up classes will be allowed. It is dancer's responsibility to make sure they have scheduled enough dance classes/hours to continue on pointe. All Dance Intensives meet the necessary pre-requisite for summer dance.

Contact: Please contact Natasha if you have any questions about placement, levels, schedule, etc. Some classes may be split or combined as the teacher deems appropriate. Classes also may be cancelled if they do not meet the minimum enrollments.

  • Students who dance in the summer audition better and dance better in the fall dance semester. If you're really hoping for lead roles, year round participation is very important for your growth as a dancer.
  • ALL Dance Students are encouraged to participate in summer dance classes.
  • Our summer schedule is simple, Mon-Thurs., as it still allows everyone plenty of family time and is very affordable.
  • Dress Code: Uniforms are NOT required in the summer session, but dance clothes are. Please follow our dress code guidelines at it applies to classes you plan to attend.