Pre- & Primary Level Classes


Pre & Primary Dance Classes 

The Weehawken Dance program runs year-round (28 weeks total of class) split between two semesters that end in performances at the Montrose Pavilion. Sign up for classes run by the semester for Pre & Primary Level classes.

Fall semester classes run Aug 28 - Dec 4, 2023 and will perform in Cast A, “Santa’s Little Sweets” Thursday evening, December 7. Dress Rehearsal for this cast will be directly before the performance on the same date.

The deadline for all classes is September 8 (if space is available). 

*Please check the dance resources tab for additional information including dates to remember, uniform, policies & performance information.

Age Guide for classes:

PRE ages 2.5-5  (preschool aged children)

PRIMARY ages 4.5-8 (kindergarten-2nd grade)

*Dancers in this level will work on movement fundamentals as well as how to follow directions, work within a group and be a part of a class. 

*Classes in the PRE level will perform ONE time in the winter & ONE time in the spring in our "Sweets" show. Sweets shows are designed to be fun, exciting, safe and appropriate for the skill and attention span of the tiniest Weehawken Dance performers.


Pre & Primary Levels Class Schedule

Mondays in Montrose

@ Field House Omni room 

9:15-10 am PRE-BALLET with Miss Leeann (ages 2.5-5, Cast A “Sweets” only, performing 1 time)

Tuesdays in Montrose

@ Field House Omni room 

3:45-4:30 PRIMARY BALLET with Miss Pang (Cast A “Sweets” only, ages 4.5-8)

4:30-5:15 PRIMARY JAZZ/TAP with Miss Pang (Cast A “Sweets” only, ages 4.5-8)

Wednesdays in Montrose

@ Field House Apex Room

3:45-4:30 PRIMARY BALLET with Miss Leeann (Cast A “Sweets” only, ages 4.5-8)

4:30-5:15 PRIMARY HIP HOP with Miss Leeann (Cast A “Sweets” only, ages 4.5-8)

5:15-6:00  PRE-BALLET with Miss Leeann (ages 2.5-5, Cast A “Sweets” only)

6:00-6:45 PRE-HIP HOP with Miss Leeann (ages 2.5-5, Cast A “Sweets” only)

Thursdays in Ridgway

@ Cora Street Annex

3:30-4:15 PRE/PRIMARY BALLET with Miss Abbie (ages 3.5-8, Cast A “Sweets” only)

4:15-5:00 PRE-BALLET with Miss Abbie (ages 2.5-5, Cast A “Sweets” only)

5:00-5:45 PRIMARY BALLET with Miss Abbie (ages 4.5-8, Cast A “Sweets” only)

5:45-6:30 PRIMARY JAZZ & HIP HOP with Miss Abbie (Cast A “Sweets” only, ages 4.5-8)

Thursdays in Montrose 

@ Field House Omni room 

4:15-5:00 PRIMARY BALLET with Miss Ashley C (Cast A “Sweets” only, ages 4.5-8)

5:00-5:45 PRE/ PRIMARY HIP HOP with Miss Ashley (ages 3.5-8, Cast A “Sweets” only)

Fridays in Montrose 

@ Field House Omni room

4:30-5:15 PRIMARY JAZZ & POMS with Miss Pepper (ages 4.5-8, Cast A “Sweets” only)

Coming Up!

November 13-17 Parent’s visitation week (to collect costumes, ask questions about the show, video dances, last 20 minutes of each class)


Monday, December 4 Regular Class Schedule. Last Day of regular DANCE classes

December 7: Santa's Little Sweets

Register for Dance
Fall Dance Page
Dance Resources

2023 Fall Pre/Primary Dance Registrations Fees

for 13 Week Session:

30 minutes: $129

45 minutes: $220

60 minutes: $254

Show fee (per class): $50

Annual Registration: $25

All class registrations come with the option of a monthly payment plan. There is no additional charge for payment plans. Payment plans require auto-draft on credit card and 25% at time of registration.

For New Students 

New students will be placed in a class according to their age. All level placements are at the discretion of the Authorized WCA teaching staff. Any deviations from the standard placement must go through an Authorized WCA teaching staff member. 

Some classes may be at a mixed level. For example a pre/primary class would mean that the class is a mixed level class, students may be either pre or primary age/level.

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