Adult Dance, Aerial & Movement Classes


Weehawken isn't just for Youth

Weehawken offers adult movement & dance classes year round, with a flexible schedule. We serve the adult population in Ridgway, Ouray, and Montrose with high quality instruction and education with optional performance opportunities. Weekly class offering for adults include ballet, aerial and karate, in addition to all of our other great programs like wildflower walks, adult art classes, photography classes and art bar.


Adult Movement Arts Schedule:

Mondays in Ouray

@ Hypoxia

5-6:15 Adult Silks & Conditioning 1/2 with Marisa

@ St. Daniels

5-6:30 Karate

Tuesdays in Ridgway

@ Weehawken Dance Studio

8:15-9:15 Zumba with Tamra

Tuesdays in Montrose

@ Flex Rec

5:15-6:15 Adult Silks with Marisa

Wednesdays in Ridgway

@ Weehawken Dance Studio

12-1 Afternoon Adult Silks Level 1/2 with Marisa

6:30-7:45 Adult Silks & Conditioning 1/2 with Marisa

Thursdays in Montrose 

@ Field House Omni room

9:00-10:00am Adult Ballet for Beginners-Intermediate with Miss Pang ($10 drop-in, no online registration)

6:00-7:00pm Stretching & Active Flexibility with Marisa 

@ Flex Rec

12:30-1:30 Afternoon Adult Aerial Silks 1/2 with Marisa 

@ Black Canyon Gymnastics

7:30-8:45 Teen/Adultdult Silks 2/3 with Marisa (ages 13 and up with instructor approval)

Saturdays in Montrose 

@ Field House Omni room

10:30-1:00 Karate

2023 Fall Adult Dance Registrations Fees

Adult classes run monthly, or drop in

Adult Ballet Drop-in: $10

Aerial Classes run by the month:
60 minutes: $25/class
75 minutes: $30/class

Karate: $72/month, discounts offered for multiple months

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